Portrait Workshop April 2024 – Images

Laura Pearce

On the 18th of April 2024, members of the Chard Camera Club were treated to an inspiring and educational workshop led by professional portrait photographer Laura Pearce from Yeovil, Somerset. The workshop aimed to enhance the club members’ skills in portrait photography and provide them with insights into creating captivating images.

Laura Pearce, renowned for her expertise in capturing the essence of her subjects, shared her knowledge and techniques with enthusiasm and patience. With years of experience in the field, Laura guided the participants through various aspects of portrait photography, including lighting, composition, and posing.

The workshop began with an introduction to studio lighting setups, where Laura demonstrated how to use different light sources to achieve various effects and moods in portraits. Members learned about the importance of positioning lights, modifying light intensity, and using reflectors to control shadows and highlights.

Following the lighting demonstration, the participants had the opportunity to practice their newfound skills by photographing models in the studio. Laura provided valuable feedback and guidance as club members experimented with different poses and compositions, encouraging them to explore their creativity and unique perspectives.

The atmosphere was filled with excitement and camaraderie as members exchanged tips and techniques, learning from both Laura and each other. With her encouragement, even those new to portrait photography felt empowered to step out of their comfort zones and experiment with different styles and approaches.

The results of the workshop were truly impressive, with club members producing a stunning array of portraits that captured the beauty and personality of their subjects. From dramatic lighting to intimate close-ups, each photograph told a unique story, reflecting the individual style and vision of the photographer.

A selection of these captivating images is showcased here, highlighting the talent and dedication of the Chard Camera Club members. 

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