Competition Rules

COMPETITION RULES – Updated May 2022

1. Selected Monthly competitions to be held on the THIRD THURSDAY of selected months, excluding July & August of each year or otherwise stated in the programme.  This may change if the calendar requires.

2. ‘Open’ & ‘Special Subject’ Competitions for Prints & Digital Images selected months: – April, June, September, November & February’.  This may change if the calendar requires.

3. Each member may enter each PRINT Open & Special Subject Competition. Each member may enter each DPI Open & Special Subject Competition. The number of entries will be specified for each competition as necessary and at the appropriate time.  Prints and Digital Images may only be entered once a year, in Selected Monthly Competitions provided they have not been a winner or placed in any previous year’s Selected Monthly Competitions. Digital Images must not be entered in Print Competitions in the same month and vice versa.

4. Only fully paid up members are eligible to enter competitions.

5. Copies – It is an infringement of Copyright to take copies of photographs other than the photographer’s own work. Such prints cannot be entered for Club Competitions.

6. There is only one competition class for all Club Members.

7. Print sizes are maximum 20″ x 16″ (50cm x 40cm) and there is no minimum size. If a print is 20″ x 16″ (50cm x 40cm) it must be flush mounted. Prints to be fixed using low tack tape (photographic tape), doubled over. No sellotape or parcel tape shall be used.

8. Mount Sizes for all competitions are to be 50cm x 40cm.

9. Prints may be commercially processed.

10. All digital projected images for Selected Monthly competition must be Jpegs, no larger than 1600 pixels width, x 1200 pixels (height) in landscape and no taller than 1200 pixels in portrait.

11. Each Print & Digital Image must be endorsed with the owner’s membership number and the Competition for which it is being entered, i.e. Special Subject or Open, together with the image title. ( See 11.3 )

11.1 All work submitted into a competition must be Titled, in order for it to be identified by the Competition Secretary. 

11.2 The author shall ensure that prints are titled differently when the same subject is presented.

11.3 Each Digital Image shall be titled with : Members Number_Competition title_Image name.jpg  

        For example: 

        035_In the dark_Eyes wide shut.jpg 


        035_Open_Shut that door.jpg 

        Please note UNDERSCORE !

        For external competitions : 

Knightshayes = WCPF Knightshayes Trophy

Kingswood = WCPF Kingswood Salver


Subject title of competition as quoted in the club published programme or ‘Open’. Title of the image entered can be up to a maximum of 80 characters. Filename extension (jpeg or jpg).

Images are to be sent to and will be accepted up to midnight on the entry date given for that months competition.

12. Scoring for Selected Monthly Club Competitions is decided by the judge of the competition and will be marked using a scale of 1 – 20 points, at the judge’s discretion.

13. Judges will be invited to judge all Selected monthly competitions and will mark the prints and digital images accordingly.

14. Prints and Digital Images gaining 1st, 2nd and 3rd MAY NOT be entered again in the Selected Monthly Competitions. Unplaced prints and DI’s may be entered again at 12 monthly intervals.

15. All Winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd placed), Prints & Digital Images can be entered into the End of Year Competitions.

16. Winners and Placed prints will normally be retained after the Competition for public display

17. Judges will be invited to judge the End of Year Awards.

18. Other internal competitions will be judged by the Originator of the Competition:- 

19.1 The Peter Partridge Panel is an annual event. The requirement is for a panel of three SEPARATE prints to hang together on a theme (Left, Centre and Right). Prints can be colour or monochrome. Entries limited to one portfolio per member. Sizes – Minimum print size 7 x 5 inches. No maximum print size. Mount size 50cm x 40 cm. Photographer’s own choice of subject. Only use your membership number, title & position (i.e left, centre or right).

19.2 The Digital Triptych Panel is an annual event and is run alongside the PPP ( 19.1 above ).  The requirement is for members to produce a single digital panel showing three SEPARATE images within a finished digital panel of size no more than 1600 x 1200 pixels and to be presented on a theme of the photographer’s choice.  Titling is to be as for a normal DPI submission e.g 035 – DPI Triptych – Chard by night.jpg

20. There are three other competitions during the Club’s Season:-

            (1) Roving Hunt – 10 images.

            (2) Mystery Trip – 10 images.

            (3) Walking Hunt – 10 images.

Images must be Jpegs, no larger than 1600 pixels (width) x 1200 pixels (height) in landscape and no taller than 1200 pixels in portrait. Images can be colour or monochrome. No digital manipulation allowed, although the images may be ‘cropped’.

21. The Competition Secretary may use their discretion to refuse an entry.

22. Engraved trophies to be won are:-

·       Photographer of the Year Trophy – the ’35mm Project camera’

·       Hellarewe Trophy for the Annual Mystery Trip

·       The Peter Partridge Panel

·       The Chairman’s Award

23. Certificates are presented for:-

·       Black & White Print of the Year

·       Colour Print of the Year

·       Special Subject Print Photographer of the Year

·       Open Print Photographer of the Year

·       Open Digital Image Photographer of the Year

·       Special Subject Digital Photographer of the Year

·       Digital Image of the Year

 24. A Gold Certificate is awarded to any member who gets a placing into the WCPF or PAGB Awards.

 A Silver Certificate is awarded to any member who gets accepted into the WCPF or PAGB Competition.

 A Bronze Certificate is awarded to any member who gets a maximum score in any other outside competition (President’s Certificate).

 An Excellence Award Certificate is given to any new member who gains a First Place during their first year.

25.  see rule 18.1.2 in Club Rules

26. All images submitted must have been taken within five years of the competition.