Shown below are links to articles and websites with easy to follow and informative information on various aspects of photography.  Click on the blue title to be taken to the article.

Techniques and Tutorials

Photography Life   An excellent site with a huge amount of advice
Histograms.   Understanding image histograms is probably the single most important concept to become familiar with when working with pictures from a digital camera.
Raw vs Jpeg.    What’s the difference and what effect upon your images?
Depth of Field.    Depth of field (DoF) is one of the most important concepts in photography. Understanding what DoF is, and knowing what factors affect it, are things all photographers should master.

Image Resolution Explained. Image resolution is a confusing issue for many photographers. The article in this link explains this topic in a simple and clear way. 

The Photographer Academy.   The Photographer Academy, launched in 2008 is a dedicated online training resource for photographers of any ability. Thousands of Pro Photographers as well as Artists and Hobbyists use the content every day for Free.

Composition.   A Guide to good image composition.

Judging Images. To improve we need to be critical the photographs we take. To do this we need a process that is simple and reproducible   Follow this link for a simple guide to judging a photographic image.