Stars of the Year 2024

Star Photographs of the Year Competition Results 2024

The Chard Camera Club recently concluded its eagerly awaited Star Photographs of the Year competition, showcasing the remarkable talent of its members. The competition featured several categories, each highlighting different aspects of photography. Let’s dive into the winners and their outstanding work:

Best Print Category

In the Best Print category, photographers submitted their finest printed images. The judges carefully evaluated composition, technical skill, and creativity. The winners are:

First Place: John Flanagan captured our attention with a mesmerizing night image print. His composition and use of light were truly exceptional.

Second Place: Colin Evans impressed us with a thought-provoking print that resonated with viewers.

Third Place: Lorraine Best demonstrated her artistic flair with a beautifully executed print.

Best Digital Image Category

The Best Digital Image category celebrated the digital mastery of our members. From landscapes to portraits, the entries were diverse and captivating. The winners are:

First Place: John Flanagan once again wowed us with a stunning Portrait digital image. His technical prowess and storytelling ability shone through with this beautifully crafted image.

Second Place: Becky MacMillan-Adams with her stunning natural history image.

Third Place: Steph Walsh showcasing her unique perspectives of a sunset image over the Blackdowns.

Best Print and Best Digital Photographer

These prestigious titles recognize consistent excellence across both print and digital formats. The winners are:

Best Print Photographer: John Flanagan demonstrated versatility and creativity in both mediums.

Best Digital Photographer: John Flanagan consistently delivered outstanding digital work.

Overall Photographer of the Year

The ultimate honour goes to the photographer who excelled in all aspects of the competition. Drum-roll, please…

John Flanagan is our Overall Photographer of the Year! His dedication, passion, and exceptional eye for detail set him apart. Congratulations, John!

Acknowledging Excellence

Beyond the above competitions, we also celebrate other achievements within our club:

The Peter Partridge Panel: A panels of 3 associated prints. Winner: Colin Normanton

Triptych DPI: A digital image of 3 connected parts. Winner: Becky MacMillan-Adams

The Roving Hunt: A collection of 10 images from a defined route. Winner: Colin Normanton

The Walking Hunt: A collection of 10 images from arounf Langport. Winner: John Flanagan

The Chairman’s Award: A heartfelt nod to Malcolm Brocklehurst who has been an exceptional club member over the years in his role as treasurer.

1st Place - Best Print
1st Place - Best Digital Image

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